About This Directory

This directory is a resource for residents to find local businesses, events, and resource links. It is meant to be simple and useful as a replacement for random Facebook posts for recommendations, garage sales, and the like. It is NOT a replacement for Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, EBay, Etsy, or Pinterest, so specific items for sale and strictly on-line businesses are not accommodated, at least not yet.

Business entries must be actual businesses, clubs, or non-profits, and not your weekend hobby. However, personal care providers (Mary Kay, Scentsy, etc.), whether part or full time, are welcome. For the most part, businesses must be located in Cottage Grove (97424 zip code),

We might allow exceptions if a business does not have local competition. For example, local businesses Cascade Home Center and Boyce ‘n Sons both sell building materials, so Home Depot and Jerry’s would be excluded from our directory. On the other hand, there are no Pet stores in town, so a Cottage Grove resident who works at a Eugene pet store would be allowed to post their employer’s business.

Events are generally limited to Cottage Grove (97424 zip code), although exceptions might be made for events with Cottage Grove interest — fireworks and parades in Creswell come to mind.

Our resource links are strictly related to websites and contacts that have a relationship to Cottage Grove. For example, EPUD and Lane Electric serve local residents, but EWEB does not … Charter provides cable services to Cottage Grove residents, but Xfinity does not. Resource links are static, but feel free to email us at support@earthclick.net with your suggestion.

Please use that as a guide.