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Why advertise on CottageGroveOregon.com

Your investment will return highest values

Inexpensive Ad rates, your choice of CPM or CPC

Active community of reviews

Highest ROI rate, highest click-thru rate

Strong, local brand building


Active forum with new weekly threads

Provide monthly report with transparent statistics

Recommendations for high rankings and click rates

Opt out at anytime, no hidden cost

Our Advertising Solutions

We have several advertising solutions available to our local businesses. These include rotating banners associated with your business listing. For regional advertisers (i.e. those who can't enter a business listing), we also offer standalone rotating banners at very reasonable CPM or CPC rates.

Right Audiences

We are a local directory. People using our directory are local or plan to visit our community.

Targeted Groups

Because we're local, your ads will target potential local customers.

Text & Visual Ads

Our banners can be graphic or text.

Custom Solutions

We suggest you provide us with the banner (or banners) you want displayed on our site. We have design services available for a small additional fee. We offer the following programs:

  1. Standard and Premium memberships -- these options give you a rotating banner ad campaign for 3 months (limit 1 banner) or 12 months (limit 3 banners) respectively. Banners are 400px x 350px.
  2. Stand-alone banner ads: $2.50 per 1000 impressions or $0.25 per click-thru. Anyone can purchase rotating banner ads. There is a limit of 3 banners per campaign, and we require a $25 prepaid (refundable) deposit and a $25 one-time setup fee per campaign.
Weekly Reports

Our banner server will send you a weekly report showing impressions and click-thrus. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising on our site.

Join us to submit your own business or vote for your favorite ones

As a full service ISP, we can help you with ALL your Internet needs

We offer premium support to all users. Give us a call -- we can help!

Advertising options

Every directory entry is essentially a free ad. You can post banner ads as well, either as part of our regular subscription process or ala-carte. Give us a call. Banners are a generous 400px x 350px..

  800-489-0354 or 541-942-7088


Premium listing

Our premium listing ($39.95/yr) gets you a year's worth of banner ads and a rotating "premium" ad  banner (600px x 60px) placed right below the map on our home page.

    800-489-0354 or 541-942-7088


Community violations

Please let us know if you find typos or inappropriate content. This is a community website and we aim to keep it clean and useful.

   800-489-0354 or 541-942-7088