Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are simple and straightforward. You give implicit agreement to these when using this website, effective 5/1/2017.

  1. Our company is EARTHCLICK.NET LLC (hereafter EARTHCLICK). All content on this website is owned and copyright EARTHCLICK. Therefore, harvesting or scraping the directory for email addresses or directory information is strictly forbidden.
  2. Users create and are responsible for their own accounts.
  3. All content is subject to review and, at the sole discretion of EARTHCLICK, may be revised or removed.
  4. Abuse and/or harassment of other users is strictly prohibited.
  5. Directory entries are free. Users must have ownership interest in businesses they post or permission from the business owner to act on their behalf.
  6. Banner advertisements are included with paid entries. Banners must be sized according to EARTHCLICK guidelines, and will be rejected if they're are inappropriate or sized incorrectly. Refunds will be made upon request and if request is received within 10 days of submission and acceptance.
  7. Maximum liability against EARTHCLICK will be limited to the amount paid for banner advertising.
  8. Any litigation resulting from the use or abuse of this directory is subject to the laws of the state of Oregon, county of Lane, and will be litigated in same.
  9. EARTHCLICK is not responsible for specific "specials" or user content. If information provided by an advertiser is incorrect or misleading, and if we are notified of any such situation, we will do our best to investigate and correct the issue, either by modifying the content or removing the directory entry and banning the user.

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